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6 Ways to Lose Weight Fast

41% of Europeans do not engage in any type of physical activity, but they are not the only ones: the entire Western population and beyond is involved in a global epidemic that also has a name, globesity.

The World Health Organization estimates that obesity globally has tripled since 1975 and that since 2016 more than 1.9 billion adults on the planet are overweight – and of these, 650 million are seriously overweight – an epidemic that does not spare the youngest, with over 340 million children and adolescents between the ages of 5 and 19 deemed overweight.

Everyone can do their part to cure this epidemic and there is an apparently simple solution: lose weight. But what is the best way to lose weight?

There is no need to go around it, there are two ways: to intervene on the diet and physical activity we carry out, and in this guide we will see how. Also because losing weight with a correct diet, in addition to doing us good and making us feel better, is also good for the planet: since caloric foods produce more emissions, requiring more water and more land to be produced.

Last point of this premise as regards nutrition: in addition to the advice on the best way to lose weight contained in this guide, it must be taken into account that the diet is like a tailored suit and must be modeled on the characteristics of the person. Taking into account his medical history, his lifestyle, his sporting habits, his tastes and even his vices, and must be adapted over time.

Do-it-yourself is to be avoided, as are the promises of miraculous and too quick results. There are no shortcuts: consulting a specialist doctor is the best way to really start losing weight, along with practicing more physical activity. And also read this guide.

What’s the best way to lose weight?

Before discovering what is the best way to lose weight, it is necessary to understand how to lose weight: how do we lose weight? We lose weight – in a healthy way – when there is a negative calorie balance.

The negative calorie balance is the product of a very simple relationship: if the calories we spend are greater than those we accumulate at that point the calorie balance is negative. A negative caloric balance in turn leads to a reduction in adipose fat because it triggers lipolysis and the consequent cellular lipid consumption.

For this reason, nutrition is very important for losing weight and together with physical activity it is the best way to lose weight. Nutrition for which it is essential for your health to avoid DIY, the shakes seen on Instagram, the diets found on Google, the apps, the advice of friends, but it is necessary to rely on a specialized doctor.

Only at that point can we think of combining even more physical activity, whether it is low, medium or high intensity, and we will see it in detail later.

To lose weight, we can therefore take action on two fronts to lose weight: the first front is nutrition, the second is the consumption of calories we consume. To consume more calories, the simplest solution is to take less and increase physical activity.

Physical activity does not necessarily mean aerobic activity: we can do a lot even by slightly changing our daily habits:

  • Walk to the supermarket instead of by car.
  • Walking up the stairs, both at home and in the office.
  • Go to work by bike instead of by public transport.
  • Get off the metro one stop earlier and take a walk to your destination.
  • As a general rule, walk more and whenever possible.

Giving up some of the comforts we are surrounded by can be a great start if we are starting from scratch.

Wanting to do something more to burn off the excess calories we take in – remember the negative calorie balance? – we can practice aerobic endurance training – for example exercise bike, running, Nordic walking and much more – with high intensity peaks, as well as high intensity anaerobic training – also called HIIT, High Intensity Training – as a result all that is weightlifting or functional training.

Virtue, as in everything, lies in the middle, perhaps in a mix of the two forms of training, but above all in being advised by qualified personnel which path to take and avoid doing it alone, because you can’t go anywhere alone.

There are two ways to lose weight: eat less (and eat better) and exercise. There are no tricks or secrets, you just need motivation and the first small results will encourage us to continue. Wanting the list of small tips to motivate us and keep morale high and help us lose weight could be long, and we’ll see now.

How to lose weight: 6 ways to lose weight fast

Losing weight too fast is not a good idea, it hurts and all doctors advise against it. Also because it is not about lasting weight loss but an illusion: because we do not lose visceral fat, but anything else, whether it is liquid, muscle, or otherwise. However, there are a number of small tricks, suggested by the NHS – the British health system – that if we start from scratch and want to lose weight, they can help us optimize results. Always choosing the correct diet and practicing physical activity regularly.

1- Don’t skip breakfast

Skipping breakfast is useless, on the contrary, it can lead us to eat snacks to avoid during the morning. Breakfast should be made, not necessarily in a continental style, even in the Italian style with a coffee and a brioche and then interspersed with micro-meals in the morning.

2- Don’t skip meals

If skipping breakfast is wrong, skipping meals is an even bigger mistake if we want to lose weight. Fasting for lunch or dinner is a harmful and self-punishing measure that is absolutely useless.

3- Exercise

We said a little while ago: the important thing is to burn more calories than we enter our body and a great way to do this is to move. Get moving. Going from simple movement to low, medium or high intensity activity is of course a good idea.

4- No alcohol

Anything alcoholic should be avoided. Alcoholic beverages are a concentrate of calories in all forms, be it beer, wine or spirits. To be sure not to exceed in calories, therefore, an excellent solution is to minimize beer, wine and more. Or eliminate them.

5- Use a smaller plate

Eating on a smaller plate when we are at home or on a lunch break at the office will make us take smaller portions. Smaller portions equate to fewer calories ingested, thus an easier-to-achieve negative calorie balance.

6- Drink lots of water

Water is a great friend of the human body, and not only: it also helps us lose weight.

Hope you found this article helpful and that you enjoyed it.

Stay tuned for part 2 where I’ll be talking about the best workout routines for loosing weight.

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