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Benefits and Properties of Chia Seeds

Properties, and benefits of Chia seeds: all about how to properly consume chia seeds, what they are, and what they are for.

What is Chia? And what are Chia Seeds?

Chia seeds are food with exceptional nutritional properties, used every day by the proper nutrition lovers and all those seeking a healthy and wholesome product.

These small and dark seeds are grown in Central and South America, mostly in the areas of Mexico and Guatemala, coming from a particular plant called Salvia Hispanica.

But what exactly are chia seeds for?

It is rich in properties and with extraordinary nutritional values, as well as being a perfect match to accompany your most creative and imaginative recipes!

Here are some of the benefits and properties of Chia seeds :

  1. Source of energy for the human body
  2. They help with weight loss and weight loss
  3. They prevent aging
  4. They have a balancing action for the intestine
  5. They regulate blood pressure
  6. They reduce diseases
  7. They strengthen and strengthen the bones
  8. They are excellent for celiacs
Benefits and Properties of Chia Seeds

1. Chia: a source of energy for the human body

“Chia” , in Aztec, means “strength”. A simple translation is enough to understand the enormous beneficial properties of these seeds, capable of serving as a source of energy for the entire human body.

Thanks to their supply of amino acids, zinc, potassium, and mineral salts, Chia seeds are able to give strength and vigor to those who use them, providing the whole body with a high level of energy that can be used during the day.

Other benefits and properties of Chia seeds are evident in the exceptional vitamin supply, containing in particular vitamins A, E, B6, B12, and C (seven times higher than that of oranges), and an enormous presence of iron, magnesium, and proteins such as cysteine, lysine, and methionine.

Chia seeds improve physical performance

Are you an athlete and are you looking for an alternative and natural source to have more strength and energy?

Then, Chia seeds are perfect for you. With their surprising nutritional properties, they are an excellent producer of energy, suitable for all those who carry out any sporting activity and are looking for an absolutely natural product that can contribute to the better functioning of the whole organism during the course of physical performance.

By promoting a correct intestinal and hormonal balance, as well as regulating blood pressure and the transfer of oxygen to the blood, physical performance will benefit considerably, contributing to the improvement of the athlete’s sports results.

2. Lose weight – Benefits and Properties of Chia Seeds

Do you want to lose weight and lose weight through a healthy and balanced diet?

Chia seeds are the answer for all those seeking a natural and nutritious product for use within each diet in addition to your favorite dishes.

A characteristic of these seeds is their enormous capacity to absorb liquids, up to almost 10/12 times their specific weight. By immersing them in a cup full of water, you will notice how the Chia seeds are able to retain the liquid inside them as if they were a sort of sponge, consequently increasing their volume.

This means that expanding inside our stomachs, they are able to give a feeling of satiety and satisfaction due to the fact that they are hydrophilic seeds and able to absorb large quantities of liquids.

Being a great source of fiber, they further accentuate this sense of fullness by swelling in the stomach and preventing the body from requiring additional excess calories. In this way, you can lose weight with chia seeds, simply by including them in your daily diet!

Chia seeds do not give only a “sense” of satiety but actually make the body large amounts of essential nutrients and energy, helping to achieve the daily requirement of the necessary nutritional values. Just think that a single tablespoon of this food (about 15g ) provides 70g of calories, 7g of carbohydrates, and 3g of protein. Furthermore, containing all the essential amino acids, fatty acids, and mineral salts, they have enormous satiating power. This ensures that daily meals can be healthier and lighter, ideal for those who want to lose weight.

3. Chia seeds anti-aging benefits and properties

The presence of large quantities of antioxidants makes Chia seeds the ideal food to prevent aging of the skin and the entire human body.

The antioxidants such as quercetin, and chlorogenic actively perform a contrast function to the production of free radicals, which contribute to the damage of the molecules in the cells and the development of diseases. These are in fact considered the main cause of cellular aging and the best way to fight them is to bring antioxidant enzymes to our body. With their activity they counteract and eliminate free radicals, strengthening the immune system and rejuvenating the entire body.

4. The balancing action of Chia seeds for the intestine

Chia seeds are an extraordinary food with multiple properties, which in addition to providing energy to our body and improving physical performance, helping to lose weight, and preventing aging, even has a balancing act for the intestine and for the human body.

As previously stated, these seeds are rich in natural fibers which possess extraordinary laxative properties, facilitating digestion and cleaning and purifying the entire intestine.

In addition to playing a beneficial role for digestion by feeding the bacterial flora and invigorating the intestine, the fibers also help protect the stomach walls, thus improving the intestinal transit of food.

5. Regulation of blood pressure

Among the many beneficial properties of Chia seeds, we cannot fail to mention their ability to regulate blood pressure, consequently preventing cardiovascular diseases connected to it.

The inclusion of these seeds in your diet causes a reduction in the absorption of simple sugars present in the blood, fats, and especially cholesterol, acting as a sort of filter. It is for this reason that they are suitable for all those who suffer from high blood pressure or arterial hypertension, and want to prevent any problems related to the cardiovascular system.

The presence of essential fatty acids such as Omega-3 and Omega-6 (even higher than in flax seeds!) help reduce triglyceride levels, bringing extraordinary benefits to the whole body. All this allows the reduction of senile dementia and the perception of fatigue, keeping the heart in perfect health and preventing arthritis and osteoporosis.

6. Benefits of Chia seeds and disease reduction properties

Chia seeds are scientifically proven to reduce diseases.

First of all, these seeds so rich in natural properties, calcium, vitamins, and Omega-3 are essential to prevent diseases and bacterial infections, bringing enormous benefits to both the intestine and the nervous system, improving their activity, and keeping the brain young and healthy.

The presence of natural fibers, starches, and carbohydrates ensures that blood sugar levels remain controlled, reducing the risk of developing any form of diabetes.

Furthermore, their anti-inflammatory effect helps prevent diseases such as hyperthyroidism or hypercholesterolemia by reducing inflammation.

The perfect balance between Omega-3 and Omega-6 keeps the heart in perfect health, preventing cardiovascular disease, arthritis, diabetes, cancer.

7. Strengthening of the bones

Chia seeds are a tremendous source of minerals. Together with sesame seeds, Chia seeds are among the top foods that contain the highest percentage of calcium per gram, exceeding that of milk by five times.

As we all know, calcium contributes to the strengthening of the bones of the human body, and together with phosphorus, magnesium, and proteins, it represents the main source of nourishment for the skeletal system.

8. Chia seeds: excellent for those who suffer from celiac disease

The absence of gluten in Chia seeds makes this a perfect food for all those who suffer from celiac disease. Gluten intolerance is an increasingly widespread problem and the intake of these particular seeds allows you to integrate your diet with a food rich in benefits and beneficial properties.

Chia seeds: contraindications vs. benefits and properties

Like any food, even Chia seeds may have contraindications, but only due to allergies or in the event that an unsuitable use is made.

Here are some of the possible contraindications of Chia seeds:

• Lowering of pressure;
• Reduction of glucose values;
• Hypotension;
• Stomach cramps;
• Acidity;
• Abdominal swelling.

How To Consume Chia Seeds Correctly?

Consuming Chia seeds is the simplest thing in the world.

This type of seed, in fact, has an exceptional ductility that allows it to be used almost unlimitedly, combining it with any food.

In fact, chia seeds are excellent to accompany a salad as a topping, being added to a soup, in desserts, and especially in yogurt, fruit salads or smoothies.

However, the best way to consume chia seeds to benefit from their properties is to transform them into liquid.

It is very common to take them directly. Although they can be perfectly assimilated in this way, this practice is not recommended for those who have digestive problems. In fact, these seeds are not easily assimilated by our intestines and therefore it is recommended to grind them and add them as a topping to the various recipes.

How to Store Chia Seeds?

For those who want to preserve Chia Seeds, there is a very simple solution.

In fact, these seeds, unlike flax seeds, have the advantage of not going rancid and consequently being able to be stored easily.

The ideal, so that these are kept as long as possible is that they are placed inside a well-closed and sealed container, preferably made of glass.

It is essential that the container is not exposed to direct sunlight and is not subject to severe changes in temperature. The best solution is to leave it inside a cupboard in winter and in the refrigerator during the summer.

Benefits and Properties of Chia Seeds

Final thoughts on the benefits and properties of Chia seeds

As we have seen, Chia seeds are one of the most complete and healthiest products mother nature has given us.

It’s almost as if a group of scientists went into a lab and created the perfect food.

No wonder everyone has been talking about it in recent years.

I hope this article has helped you get a better insight in the benefits that Chia seeds can bring to your body, mind, and overall immune system.

To your health!


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