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Getting Started With Your Home Gym: The Equipment and the Afterwards

Getting started with your home gym is serious business. It should not be taken lightly, especially in today’s circumstances.

The world has changed. Our behavior and the way we live our everyday lives has been transformed ever since the Covid-19 pandemic struck. It took us some time to get used to the “new now”, but slowly we’re getting used to it and adapting.

Many things have changed maybe for ever. Now we are spending more time at home than ever before, we buy much more things on the internet than we do in stores and shops. Our workout routine has changed as well. Many people have built up their home gym, while others upgraded what equipment they had before.

When you’re getting started with your home gym there are a couple of things we have to take into consideration.

Important Facts When Getting Started With Your Home Gym

1- You need to have equipment and do exercises that will engage all the various muscle groups (upper body, core, legs).

2- You must absolutely include cardio exercises in your routine.

3- Your home gym must be a comfortable corner in your home which will make you want to exercise day in – day out.

4- Change your workout routines every couple of months to avoid monotony.

5- DO not over-exercise to compensate the fact that you’re not mobile like you used to be before Covid.

Any complete exercise program has 3 main parts


Your home gym must contain equipment that will allow you to do cardio, lung & heart exercises cannot be ignored. This doesn’t mean that you need to exercise for 2 hours every day. Even 20 – 30 minutes of cardio workout can be enough. Breaking a light sweat will do the trick.

If you are able to maintain a conversation with someone while exercising, but would loose your breath if you tried to sing – you’re doing it right.

Muscle Conditioning

This is achieved by resistance training. This means you workout with heavier weights performing slow, controlled movements. Weights and row- machines are good for muscle conditioning. Pull-ups and push-ups also fall into this category.

A good method to increase the number of pull-ups you can do in a set is the so-called “military method”. You do between 20 and 25 push-ups daily for 10 days in a row, either at once or throughout the day (you still do other exercises normally according to your workout program). After completing the 10 days, don’t do a single pull-up for 4 days. When the 4 days are up you should be able to significantly increase the number of pull-ups you can do in a single set.

The same method works with push-ups. The only difference is that you do 40 – 50 push-ups for 10 days.

You will achieve maximum results by doing regular sets of repetitions, in which you increase the resistance. Do this for as little as 30 minutes 3 or 4 times a week.


Many people disregard this essential part of any workout, and they are making a mistake. Being consistent with stretching after each and every training will reduce the risk of injury, shape your muscles to be much more beautiful to the eye, and make you get results in half the time it would take you without it.

Stretching for 5 – 10 minutes after a good workout is enough.


This is the fourth element that I’ll include. It’s not a workout routine or method but is of paramount importance, nevertheless.

Muscles grow and heal while you rest, not while you’re lifting weights. If you’re not getting at least 7 – 9 hours of continuous sleep every day, your muscles will not regenerate and grow the way they should. You will start to feel fatigue and you’ll run a higher risk of injury.

Equipment to Consider When Getting Started With Your Home Gym

As I said before you should always think about having equipment for your whole body. If you’re lacking something that will allow you to engage a certain muscle group, do weightless exercises until you complete your home gym kit.

Cardio Home Gym Equipment

You should definitely have a static bike, stepper or treadmill for your cardio training. These pieces of equipment are also very good for legs workout. If you’re not in the position to purchase one now, a jump rope will do the trick. Also, consider a punching bag if you own a garage or you have enough space in your home to hang it. Boxing and kick-boxing workout routines are among the best for cardio and they engage your full body.

This is the best indoor bike stationary I have found on Amazon. I took into consideration the quality and value you get for the price, the popularity on Amazon and the number of review stars. The YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary has more than 7000 reviews and a 4,5 ⭐ score.

Upper – body Home Gym Equipment

Your arms, back, chest and abdominal muscles make up your upper body muscles. There is actually just a couple of items you need to properly exercise these muscle groups.

For your back and biceps a mountable pull-up bar is going to be enough. There are many good ones out there, and here is my favorite:

The I IBIFIC Pull Up Bar. By far the most popular product of its kind on Amazon. The IBIFIC Pull Up Bar has a 5 ⭐ rating, and over 24,000 reviews.

Push-ups are enough for your chest muscles as well as hundreds of variations for abs exercises. But if you want to add some new fresh blood in your chest routine as well as your complete arms, and legs workout, the best way to go is with free weights.

The best set that you can find on Amazon in my opinion is the Wolfyok Fitness Dumbbells Set. This time I also focused on having enough weight to be able to increase the intensity of the training, as well as functionality.

The Wolfyok Fitness Dumbbells Set has been reviewed over 500 times and has a total of 4.5 ⭐ score.

The Total Package

If you’re just getting started with your home gym, and haven’t got any equipment, then I suggest you get, what I call “the total package”, which is a training kit designed to hit all the muscle groups. In other words you get all the equipment you’ll ever need to stay fit in one.

Introducing the TRX ALL-IN-ONE Suspension Training.

This bodyweight resistance suspension training system that you can take everywhere with you (even outdoors) is the most complete full body training system. The great thing about the TRX is that you can adjust the resistance your own body weight creates depending on your strength.

It has a 5 ⭐ score with over 3,800 reviews.

I’ve even made a full product review page for the TRX, complete with a video review, that you can check out here:

>>> TRX Review <<<

Now that you saw the dos and don’ts when getting started with your home gym, I hope my article was valuable and helpful. The most important thing is to bee consistent and not overtrain. That way you will get the best results without the fatigue and injuries.

Feel free to comment if you agree or disagree with my opinion and share the article if you liked it.

Thank you and stay safe


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