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What is the Secret Email System?

Hi, My name is Sergio

Have you ever felt tired of trying to grow your business and failing again and again?

If the answer is Yes, then here is the solution to all your problems.

There’s a stupid myth out there..that if you just build a business, run it for years and when you’re something like 65+ that you can retire and do nothing and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

… Well sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t…

Usually what happens in between is you burn out.

And I was the definition of burnout.

And if you want a business that gives you a life of freedom, fun and adventure where every moment is special – building a big business with the good years to be your last years isn’t the answer.

I know, because I tried. I gave it everything I had. I gave it my BEST shot.

And despite having made a lot of money, it just wasn’t worth it.It drove me to the point where I was spending more time working than enjoying the money I did make.

Instead of me owning my business – the business owned me.

I wanted more out of life..

You see, most online businesses will spend time, energy and money trying to figure out where their next customers are coming from, because they can’t afford not to…
…Afterall, no customers means no sales and no sales means no revenue and no business.

Instead of focusing on the business they want to have, they’re focused on figuring out how to get it the point where they even like their business. I did this for years, but then something changed…

I discovered this fabulous strategy and it changed everything.

Today, I have my own business where I am in complete control of my time, life and income.

The business is working – while I’m not.

Unlike most other online business owners out there – who work far more than their business works for them…

I really don’t work, because I love what I do. I do one thing and one thing only – I send an email at 11 am and I send another email at 11 pm. I send these emails to a list that I built by leveraging other people’s products and services.

We do this by creating lead feeder web sites, because the truth is – 99% of online businesses don’t even know where to begin when it comes to monetizing their email leads.

So here’s what my business looks like:

I simply send an email out and all day and all night I get sales. And the best part…
I make money while I get to experience new things with my family.

How many online business models have you seen come and go through the years?
People starting Shopify stores and being out of business after 2 months because 48 other people started selling the same product that was carrying their whole business.
Or others starting private labeling products and selling them on Amazon only to find out their private label suppliers are now competing with them…

Ready? Ok.

If a guru tells you (they all do) that the key to make it with an online business is to just to create a product and run ads – you should be wary.

Here’s why:

Let’s say they create a product (which is hard in itself)…
…Then they have to write sales copy to sell the product.
…Create fancy graphics.
…Record, edit, and chop up videos in a professional setting.
…Then package it all up and go run ads on Facebook, Google, or Youtube.
…And you know what – most of the time it doesn’t work.

I rather generate sales, get paid and not do anything else.

It’s just that promoting other people’s products and services is a whole lot easier since you don’t have to do much – except generate the sale.

I could show you how to build a machine that works not once or twice, but every single month.

You can build a stress free lifestyle business of your dreams… Whether that means making a few hundred extra dollars a month all the way to a 7-figure online business.
And once you start using this secret email system, making money online isn’t something you ever need to worry about again – or even think about. It’s something that system does for you.

I’m not saying having your own products and services is bad. What I’m saying if your goal is freedom, and having a business without any of the complexity – having your own products & services might actually be the thing that’s holding you back from getting it!

Your own products require you to work and work a lot.

Creating the products, writing sales copy, writing upsells, recording videos, etc…
Would you rather wake up to sales notifications or an inbox full of customer support tickets and Facebook disabling your account? Sales notifications equal freedom.
Running your own products equals more work.

You see, there is an endless list of products & services that companies would gladly have you promote for a percentage of sales. But the one thing I didn’t mention yet about the Email Marketing System that sets it apart from everything else is that…

You Don’t Even Have To Know Anything About The Product or Service You’re Selling

All you have to do is find the email leads (Which I’ll show you how to do on page 17), then you can find products & services to promote to those leads.

Here’s My 3 Step System For Building A 6-Figure Email Marketing Business:

Step 1. Build a list by using other peoples leads that are not being monetized.
Step 2: Find and promote products & services that are related to those leads.
Step 3: Collect money.

The Secret Email System is an eBook, but more importantly, it is an approach to online business for the person that seeks freedom from a boss, the ability to live anywhere, and the choice to spend your time on things that you want.

Here’s What It Teaches You:

Pick A Market Where There Is Huge Demand.
Pick An Irresistible Offer That Someone Else Created.
Irresistible Affiliate Offer, Sign Up For The Program.
Buy Your Domain And Make Sure It’s Related To The Irresistible Offer
Get An Autoresponder
Create Your Opt-in Page To Also Function As A Pre-frame Page To An Irresistible Offer
Send Traffic To Your Pre-frame Page/Opt-in Page To Build Your List Of Hot And Hungry Subscribers
Create A “Welcome Mat” Per The Book
Set Up An Autoresponder Sequence To Automatically Mail That Irresistible Offer Out To The New Subscriber Three Times.
Pick One My Top Seven Traffic Sources To Get Subscribers (Or Follow The Instructions In The Ultimate Email Marketing Package)
Send Traffic To Your Pre-frame Page/Opt-in Page
Find An Offer, Mail An Offer
Uncover The Motherlode
10x It

Download The eBook via my link For $37 Just $5.60! Delivered instantly. Start reading in the next 2 minutes.

Download the eBook, read it out, but more importantly apply what you learn in there.
And if you’re not blown away by what you learn. Then just shoot me an email and request a refund within 30 days.

We’ll refund you your $5.60 and let you keep the secret email system book free of charge.

And since you’ve made it this far, I’ll assume that you’re ready to get going, so with that in mind…You’re Also Getting An Advanced 90-Minute Training, Free. During This Training, I’ll Walk You Through Exactly What’s Working To Scale Your Agency Right Now. And there’s no charge for it. I want you to have this as my gift for checking out the book. Plus I’m also including these 10 amazing bonuses valued at $1,645

Click the link below, and you’ll be reading the secret email system in the next 2 minutes.

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