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Whatever You Do – Do Not Overdo Your Home Gym Equipment!

Setting up a home gym can be very convenient especially if you are really serious about staying fit. Having one at home ensures that you always get the fitness training and exercise that you need. With a home gym you’re no longer depending on gym working hours, or the number of people in it.

There is the certain basic equipment to provide an effective overall fitness regimen. That does not mean that you have to buy all those fancy gym equipment. Far from it. Your home gym needs only the very basic. Here are some:

Enough Floor Space

Home space does not matter much when setting up a home gym, but a little bit of planning can help you use space more efficiently. But aside from space for the basic gym equipment, a good home gym should have enough floor space also for doing some basic exercises. Having enough floor space can be enough to give you a thorough workout. Sufficient floor space is all you will ever need along with knowledge about basic training techniques such as calisthenics and basic aerobic exercises.

Using Dumbbells

The use of dumbbells is an easy option for your strength training. Even having only a set of dumbbells can give you a thorough strength workout. They are versatile and handy enough to use in a limited area of a home gym. No need for other gadgets to set up. A piece of inexpensive gym equipment to boot, dumbbells are a must-have.

The Chin-Up Bar

The floor space will allow you to do push-ups as part of your exercise regimen, but you’ll need chin-up bars to do pull up exercises. Both push-ups and pull-ups are quite effective in building your upper body strength. Chin-up bars are the simplest equipment that you can have for doing pull-ups.

Jump Rope

Another common basic equipment is the all-around jump rope. You can do cardio exercises without having to go out for a run. A jump rope allows you to do cardio exercises from where you may be standing. It should actually be a part of any gym. Jump ropes would e the perfect tool for a home gym with limited space. If you just don’t have space in your home to set up even the very basic treadmill, a simple and inexpensive jump rope would be a good and simple alternative.

A home training gym does not have to be filled with sophisticated gadgets to be effective in keeping you fit and healthy. All you need is to have the very basic equipment so that you may be able to do the most effective fitness program there is.


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